50+ Creative Maintenance Page Designs From Real Websites

/ Updated on March 14, 2023 / Design /
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In addition to our website maintenance page tutorial, we've decided to publish our collection of the most creative and original maintenance page designs from across the web. We believe that this is the largest collection ever assembled.

Creative Maintenance Designs

As you may already know, a maintenance page can be a simple textual one, explaining to the visitor why the website is currently unavailable and when it will be back online. But sometimes designers take a non-trivial approach and create these pages with maximal creativity, making them non-boring, clever, and funny pieces of art.

Here are the examples of maintenance pages of the most popular websites along with the most non-standard maintenance pages we've stumbled upon. We hope that these bright ideas can be your source of inspiration in creating your next excellent webpage designs.

Do you know other interesting maintenance pages worth mentioning? Tell us in the comments below.

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